Summer Youth


Summertime doesn't usually mean hunting...That's not the case at Indianhead Ranch!

Join us for Indianhead Ranch Youth Hunting and Outdoor Summer Camp.

During the summer, Indianhead Ranch turns into a Summer Camp for teenagers from around the globe, offering 4 different types of camps (coed) over 1 or 2 weeks.

Learning shoudn't be limited to a classroom...

"Indianhead Camps provide the best possible learning experience in the Lone Star State. Whether it is shooting skills, outdoor survival, archery, camping, hunting and hunter education, living history or learning about Texas Native landscapes - kids get real experiences, and for that - they get real great memories, too!"

— Steve Hall, Education Director of Texas Parks and Wildlife

The Camp Mission is to educate your teenager in wildlife conservation by:

  • Expanding their knowledge in gun safety

  • Learning practical camping, hunting and survival skills

  • Enjoying the outdoors and wildlife

  • Discovering the world of hunting by harvesting one trophy

  • Becoming a hunter by obtaining a Texas Hunter Certification (hunting license) & Bow Certification